Defense and Rescue Network for Animals - Registered Charity Number G40650640

Welcome to D.A.R.N.A Animal Rescue

D.A.R.N.A Animal Rescue is a NO KILL sanctuary in Carlet, Spain, run 100% by volunteers. We defend and support abandoned, abused, and neglected animals regardless of age, size, behavior, or medical status. Our ultimate goal is to change the practices in Spain to embrace and enforce basic animal rights, leaving them free from abuse and suffering.

Ways to Help

There are plenty of ways you can help D.A.R.N.A continue this important work

100% of your donation will go toward the care of the animals.

Bizum: 611 495 265


Bank Transfer: ES7600811475560001091613


Foster or Volunteer

There are plenty of ways to help D.A.R.N.A, whether it be assisting with transport, organizing an event, fostering. or working at the sanctuary.

For more information, write to

Virtual Gifting

Help us provide for our animals by making donations toward specific needs. We also have an Amazon Wishlist you can send us items from:

ONE of the following:

  • Worming Treatment 

  • Parasite Pipette   

  • 10 Cat Meals

  • 10 Dog Meals

  •  Toy Bundle     

  • Treat Bundle          


  • Medium Dog Bed

  • 20 Dog Meals             

  • Cat Bed

  • Vaccination  

  • Small Dog Bed

  • 20 Cat Meals

  • Parasite Collar        

  • Scratching Post  


  • Medium Dog Bed 

  • 30 Cat Meals  

  • 30 Dog Meals


  • Large Dog Bed 

  • 40 Cat Meals  

  • 40 Dog Meals


  • 50 Cat Meals  

  • 50 Dog Meals


  • Sterilise a male cat


  • Sterilise a male dog


  • Sterilise a female cat


  • Sterilise a female dog



Find your new fur-ever family member today!


These Dogs are Paw-some 

All dogs over 6 months are adoptable anywhere in the EU. Puppies must be adopted in Spain.

Name: Albus

DOB: Dec 2018

Breed/Size: small

Backstory: Owner died, he was a security guard at a factory and Albus had to be chained up. The owners wife and dogs where forced to leave.

Personality: He is a sweet friendly boy, loves fuss and attention. Has adapted well to being in a home  for the first time with his foster. He is good with children and dogs in the home but can be a little lead reactive

Name: Kitt F

DOB: 2021

Breed/Size: mixed medium   

Backstory: Taken to the pound with her babies and a smashed eye socket. 

Personality: Kitt was a little nervous when she first arrived, however she is now growing in confidence and becoming very friendly. She would love a home where she can grow more and more in confidence. She is so sweet and would make an amazing addition to any family.

Name: Alfred M

DOB: June 22

Breed/Size:  mix medium  

Backstory: Found in a field near the side of a road with his mum and 7 other brothers and sisters

Personality: Alfred is a super happy puppy,  curious and confident. He loves to play so would love a home with other pets

Name: Amanda (F)

DOB: 2020

Breed/Size: Pointer/Medium

Backstory: Found abandoned in field with newborn babies

Personality: Timid, but once she gains trust, she is full of personality, cuddles, and very loyal. Great with other dogs. Is leishmaniasis positive but currently no medication needed

Name: Harry & Houdini

D.O.B 2018

Breed/Size labrador 

Backstory: Two brothers and sister surrendered in the pound their sister was adopted but nobody came for them

Personality: They are a very bounded pair who prefer the company of each other to humans. They are looking for a quiet home in the country where they can learn to love and trust humans again 

Name: Benji M

DOB: Jan 2016

Breed/Size: Large mix 

Backstory: Found in a filed with mum and my 8 other brothers & sisters

Personality: A big softie who loves cuddles, get on well with other dogs and people alike. 


Name: Faith F

DOB: 2020

Breed/Size: mixed breed medium   

Backstory: Found at the side of the road with her 7 babies terrified and alone 

Personality: Faith is a super sweet girl but is very nervous when she first meets you and is looking for an understanding family who can give her the love she needs to allow her to show her beautiful self 

Name: Reo

DOB: 2020

Breed/Size: mix medium

Backstory: Born in the pound and was due to be pts as he wasn’t adopted 

Personality: very loving, great with everyone, people dogs and cats. Loves fuss and cuddles, would suit an active home with or without other pets

Name: Brad 

DOB: Jan 2016

Breed/Size: greyhound Mix 

Backstory: Found in filed with brothers and sister. 

Personality: Extremley friendly and loving loves dancing and giving cuddles and kisses. Great with people and other dogs

Name: Brian M 

DOB: Jan 2016

Breed/Size: Large Mix

Backstory: Found in filed with brothers and sister, he was adopted as a puppy but then given away and not to a nice family but re-rescued by us so he was safe again

Personality: Very energetic and affectionate he loves cuddles and to play. He loves other dogs and humans, is wanting a home where he can feel safe and loved. 

Name: Jeremy M 

DOB: June 22 

Breed/Size: Mix small medium 

Backstory: Was born in the pound with his 3 sisters and brother unfortunately one of the sisters didn't make it 

Personality: Jeremy is a super happy pup he loves to play and is very food motivated. He loves playing with his brother and sister and people he will be a very loyal and loving companion 

Podenco Mix - Oct 2016


Hello, my name is Carol. I had a horrible start in life. I was bred to be used as dog bait but managed to run away. I was taken to the pound where I was bullied by other dogs, but nice ladies at DARNA rescued me and found a lovely foster home for me. My foster mum says I am no trouble at all I walk nicely, can be left in the house. I love meeting people, napping in the sun and think balls and sticks are the absolute best. Cuddling up and night is my favourite, and I am so happy when they humans give me lots of love and attention. I still am not sure of other dogs, but do not react when out on walks or in the dog park, however I would like to be the only dog in my forever home. 

Name: Castor M

DOB: May 2018

Breed/Size: Alsation mix large 

Backstory: found in a field with 7 siblings

Personality: Energetic, happy and very playful. Loves cuddles and playing with other dogs. Great with humans and dogs

Name: Charlotte F

DOB: March 2021

Breed/Size: Pointer mix Backstory: found in a field with mum the only puppy left alive

Personality: Typical happy puppy, she loves to play and cuddle shes very energetic and her favuorite thing to do is play. She get on with humans cats and dogs.Needs a home with a secure garden

Name: Clary F

D.O.B: Jan 2021

Breed: Anatolian Shepard large

Backstory: left pregnant in the pound to have her pups after being abused by her former owner.  

Personality: Clary is so loving and sweet she always has a very waggy tail. She is friendly and loving great with other dogs and people and would make a great addition to any family

Name: Clay M

D.O.B June 22

Breed/size Mix medium

Backstory: born in the pound with his 3 sisters and brother, he and one of his sisters where extremely malnourished unfortunately she didn't make it

Personality: Clay is the smallest of the litter but he makes up for it with his personality, he is really coming out of his shell and becoming an extremely playful pup

Name: Lilly F

DOB: 2021

Breed/Size: blue staffie medium   

Backstory: Taken to the pound with 5 babies due to the poor conditions in the pound one of her babies don’t make it 

Personality: Lilly is the sweetest and most loving girl you will ever meet she is always happy wagging her tail and loves to give kisses and cuddles. Lilly gets on great with everyone and other dogs. She would make the best family member ever 

Name: Molly F

DOB: 2020

Breed/Size: Labrador mastin mix medium   

Backstory: Molly was left tied to a tree with new born babies unable to reach them she lost all but 2 

Personality: Molly is a gentle and sweet girl who loves to play and have lots of cuddles. She gets on great with other dogs. 

Name: Fido M

DOB: May 18

Breed/Size: Mix Large

Backstory: found in field with 7 siblings 

Personality: absoulte love bug calm and loving. Gets on great with other dogs and humans

Name: Jerry M

DOB: 2011

Breed/Size: Labrador

Backstory: Spent all his life in the pound as a guide dog for a blind epileptic dog tht passed in 2021

Personality: is an older chap but still has lots of life in him and love to give. Is great with cats dogs and people. has a skin condition that is treated with medication

Name: Milu~Millie F

DOB: 2019

Breed/Size: Griffin mix 15kilo

Backstory: surrenderd to the pound, was not coping and completley heart broken

Personality: great with other dogs and cats. Very loving would suit an older owner as she is very chilled

Name: Florence F

DOB: June 22

Breed/Size: waterdog mix medium

Backstory: Found in a field near the side of a road with his mum and 7 other brothers and sisters

Personality: Florence is a happy girl who loves lots of cuddles. She loves to rough and tumble with her foster siblings, so would love a home with other pets

Name: Noel M

DOB: June 22

Breed/Size: Mix medium  

Backstory: Taken to the pound with his two brothers 

Personality: Noel is a sweet boy he's a little nervous when he first meets people but when he knows you he is sweet and loving. He is a curious boy who loves to play, ideally he would love a home with playmates so he can have playmates 


The Purrfect Companion

All cats over 6 months are adoptable anywhere in the EU. Kittens must be adopted in Spain.

Mix - male 2020


Hello, my name is Eclipse. I am the biggest of my sibling and I am super friendly I just love humans so much. Whenever a human comes to visit I jump straight on their lap and purr lots. I cuddle into their arms and show my belly and let them give me lots of tickles. I will give you so many kisses and would stay there all day if you let me. If you want a super cuddly kitty then I’m the one for you.  I have lived my whole life in a mix out outdoors and indoors, and would need access to outdoor space in my forever home <3

Tabby mix - male


Hello, my name is Gizmo and I was born on the streets. Luckily the DARNA team took me in and now I live safely at the sanctuary. When I cat nap I dream of a forever home. I am curious and playful, I love chasing and running through the orange groves. I am quite shy but once I get to know you I give great cuddles. I you are looking for an independent kitty then I am your boy.  I have lived my whole life in a mix out outdoors and indoors, and would need access to outdoor space in my forever home <3

Mix - male


Hello, my name is Jet and I was born on the streets. Luckily the DARNA team found me and brought me to the sanctuary. I am super playful and love to chase the toys. I like to play with the other kittens, and I have lots of energy. I am quite independent, although I will come over for cuddles when I want attention.  I have lived my whole life in a mix out outdoors and indoors, and would need access to outdoor space in my forever home <3

Mix - female


Hello, my name is Lara. I was dumped in the pound. I am a small and spunky tuxedo kitty and I love cuddles and affection. I will cuddle and human or cat around. The humans say that I would make a great paramedic first responder, as if any human or kitty near me makes a cry in pain I am first on site!  I have lived my whole life in a mix out outdoors and indoors, and would need access to outdoor space in my forever home <3

Siamese mix - female


Hello, my name is Lola and I was dumped in the pound but luckily the DARNA team saved me. I am a Siamese mix with beautiful deep sapphire eyes. I purr a lot and I love to roll around and be petted. I am a curious kitty and love to explore my surroundings and my favourite thing to do is sunbathe and I can always find the best spots.

Mix - male


Hello, my name is Mario and I was saved from the pound by the DARNA team. I am currently in a foster home I was nervous when I first arrived but with patience and love and a little baby talk I am starting to become more confident. I am tall dark, handsome and a sensitive soul, but once you get to know me I am affectionate. The humans say I am a little clumsy as I do not realize quite how big I am.

Tortoise shell - 2013


Hello, I’m Mia. I am looking for a new home because my owner has become sick and is having to go into a hospice. Luckily the DARNA team have agreed to help find me a new home. My mum hopes I will find one soon so she can have peace of mind knowing that I am safe. I am used to a warm home and a lap to curl up in. I am house trained and very loving.

Tabby Mix & Siamese Mix - female

Rona & Sol

Hello, we are Sol and Rona and we were dumped in the pound, luckily the DARNA team saved us. We are cuddly playful cats we will curl up at your feet at night-time for a good sleep. We are both great with the little humans and will play nicely with them. We are best friends and need to find a home together. if you want double the love and cuddles then we are the pair for you. We would really love some outdoor access in our forever home <3

Mix - Female - 2020


Hello, my name is Sake and I was born on the street with my family. Luckily a nice man took us in and got in touch with the DARNA team. The humans say I am a lovely little kitty. I adore being stroked and I purr lots and lots to tell you how much I enjoy it. I am looking or a forever home where I can purr all the time and be your purfect friend.   I have lived my whole life in a mix out outdoors and indoors, and would need access to outdoor space in my forever home <3

Mix - Male


Hello my name is Unagi. I am currently living in a foster home with my brothers and sisters. I am a curious little boy who loves to play. I like to curl up in little hidey holes where I feel safe and secure. I will come over for cuddles and spend my days either snoozing or playing.  I have lived my whole life in a mix out outdoors and indoors, and would need access to outdoor space in my forever home <3

Mix - female


Hello, my name is Vida and I am a rare ginger female cat. I was found with a flea collar trapped around my leg and neck, due to how long it had been there I have been left with a profoundly serious leg injury. I am currently having surgeries in order to help me get better. Despite my injuries I am an agile happy kitty who enjoys cuddles and affection.   I have lived my whole life in a mix out outdoors and indoors, and would need access to outdoor space in my forever home <3

Tabby Mix - female


Hello, my name is Wonky and I was born at the sanctuary after my pregnant mum was left on the doorstep. I needed a little extra support as a baby, and I went everywhere with the DARNA president Grace and now I am strong I am ready to find a home. I am so cuddly, and love being picked up and fussed. I like to jump on your shoulder and my favourite place is curled on your chest purring away. I have lived my whole life in a mix out outdoors and indoors, and would need access to outdoor space in my forever home <3

Happy Tails!

Look at who was recently adopted!  We wish them the best in their fur-ever homes!

The Adoption Process

We take pride in doing our best to match an animal with their perfect family. Here is what to expect when adopting an animal from D.A.R.N.A

Complete the Application

Write to to request a questionnaire. Be sure to fill in all the fields completely.

Home Check

The Team carefully reviews each application and if it looks like there might be a good match, a home check will be scheduled.

Contracts & Contribution

If approved, there will be contract(s) to sign as well as details for deposit of an adoption contribution. The contribution helps us cover a small portion of our costs for vaccinations, vet treatments, flea/worming, blood tests, and passport, chip, and sterilization where appropriate.

Pick Up Day!

Once everything is ready, you will get the green light to go pick up your new furry family member!

Adopt a Virtual Pet

Can't have pets of your own?  You can virtually adopt one of our long term residents and make sure their needs are covered.  Select the plan that works for you, the pet you want to "adopt" from the animals below, and send your donation. It's that simple! You can commit to monthly or annual plans, and 100% of your donation will go toward animal care.

Starter Pack

For the Pets: The "Starter Pack" will provide your "adopted" pet with 2 weeks worth of food per month                                                                         

For you: "Adopters" will receive a photo of the animal they have virtually adopted                                   

€15/month  OR  €144/year

Kibble King

For the Pets: The "Kibble King" pack will provide your "adopted" pet with a full month's worth of food                                                         

For you: "Adopters" will receive a virtual adoption certificate and social media shout out                                                                                      

27/month  OR  €300/year

Lux Life

For the Pets: The "Lux Life" pack will provide your "adopted" pet with a full month's worth of food, some toys, treats, and will help cover some vet expenses

For you: "Adopters" will receive a virtual adoption certificate, social media shout out, and video of their "pet" 

€47/month  OR  €540/year
Autumn & Sol

Volunteer with D.A.R.N.A

If you love animals and want to help us find homes for ours, read on! There are several ways in which you can lend us your skills...
Animal Care On Site

We currently have 2 sites where our animals live - one for dogs and cats, and one for farm animals.  As an animal care volunteer, you will help us make sure their homes are clean and safe, and that they are healthy and happy!  

Building & Maintenance On Site

As with anything, our sanctuary always needs things fixing here and there.  Sometimes it's putting up fences, sometimes it's building new shelters for the animals. If you like to get your hands dirty and enjoy problem solving, this is for you!

Virtual Volunteer

Behind the scenes at any animal shelter is a helluva lot of organization!  From keeping our social media active, to keeping databases updated and forms filed. This can be done from anywhere, and requires great communication skills

"After You're Gone" Program

Do you worry what will happen to your beloved pets if you are no longer around to care for them? Our family are all pet lovers and their biggest concern is "what will happen to my pets if I should suddenly not be around".  We can help put your mind at ease. Write to to sign up.

€5 Per month Per Pet

This will ensure we will be able to provide for your pet when you are gone.  We will give you  a tag for your pet's collar as well as a magnet for your fridge stating that your pet will become the responsibility of D.A.R.N.A should you be no longer available to care for them.

A Plan in Place

As soon as we are informed that a pet has no owner we will collect your pet(s) and start the process of finding them a "Forever Home" Until a new home is found they will stay with us at our sanctuary. 

Peace of Mind

As with all the animals in our care, we will carefully select a new, loving home for your pet after you are gone.

About Us

We are a fully registered charity in Spain - G40650640 - and are dedicated to the care of animals that are stray, have been abandoned, abused, and scheduled for sacrifice. We care for different species of animals in our sanctuary, in our eyes all animals deserve an opportunity for a happy life without fear or threat.

Our sanctuary is 100% volunteer run, and we rely on the kindness of strangers for financial support to help us sterilize the animals and take good care of them.  Please donate if you can.

Join the Family!

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